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Applications of Computer

We will see applications of computers in every field. Some of the main applications are:
1.    Computers in Education
                   i.   At colleges computers are used to teach courses.
                  ii.   Computers are used to store and process educational information.
               iii.   Used to prepare time-table, examination result, staff information and payroll processing.

              iv.   Computer Aided Instructions (CAI) is a computer application used to provide appropriate information and testing knowledge.
                v.   Students can explore their subject related information on computer.
2.    Computers in Industry
Computers have had a major impact in industries.
          i.   Computer Aided Design (CAD) is used to design a product.
         ii.   Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is used to manufacture a product.
     iii.   Computers are used to run robots that create, finish, assemble, test product and their components.
       iv.   Computer Based Training (CBT) is used to train people on procedures and techniques they need to know in their jobs.
3.    Computers in Business
      i.   Sales catalogs are now being computerized so that people can go for on-line shopping.
            ii.   Trading the stocks and shares.
            iii.   Home shopping and Internet banking.
            iv.   Doing office work while sitting at home.
            v.   Desktop publishing to develop good printing materials.
4.    Computers in Communication
           i.   Used in teleconferencing to communicate and discuss on-line projects and technologies.
            ii.   E-mail facility allows people to come out together globally.                        iii.   Voice mail increases communication by transmitting voice.
            iv.   Used as a switching element in telephone exchanges.
            v.   Used in satellite communication.
5.    Computers in Entertainment and Multimedia
         i.   Used in entertainment to create or enhance a production or performance.
        ii.   Computers can add some fun to the learning process.
       iii.   Used to create special effects in movies.
       iv.   Music software allows to edit recorded music or to create own.
        v.   Used in animation to create cartoons and games
      vi.   Computers play a growing role in dance, photography, painting and many other arts.

6.    Computers in Science and Engineering
      i.   Powerful computers are used to simulate dynamic processes in the practice of science and engineering.
     ii.   Super computers have numerous applications in chemistry, physics, structural engineering and weather forecasting.
     iii.   Physicians use computers to understand the human body and to diagnose disorders.
         iv.   Satellites are commonly used in information technology.
          v.   Used in Astronomy.
         vi.   Simulation of dangerous experiments.

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